Here to Serve


I genuinely love serving others. I discovered at an early age that a team can accomplish so much more than an individual, so I began building teams. As those teams have taken on identities of their own, customers have latched onto the brands that define them. Today, the collection of those teams is defined simply as, Magee Brands. We support the front lines by bringing them all the efficiencies of a larger company, while giving each brand leader the autonomy of a small business. We exist as an incorporation to serve the ones who serve you.

-Cameron Magee



Element Studio

We are a group of traveling filmmakers who are passionate about telling stories that matter. In an age where information overload is the norm, we pride ourselves in being able to speak directly to the heart in order to make the biggest impact  on our audience.

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avad3 is an event production company nestled in the center of Northwest Arkansas. We're a full-service provider combining our skilled team of professionals with a warehouse of avad3-maintained equipment. At avad3, we believe that quality audio, video and lighting are key to making an event a true success.  

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